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For submissives:

I do not have to tell you your place. It's already ingrained into your brain. Deep inside your mind, you really want to worship a Goddess. Hungrily, you crave Her discipline, Her punishment. It's an itch that you alone can not scratch. Shamelessly, you are a slave to your own depravity. Longingly, you have searched for the direction you need. Desiring guidance with a gentle, but firm hand. Eager to please, and willing to submit. It is your compulsion to obey.

I am the Mistress worthy of your adoration and devotion. Are you a slave worthy of my attention, time, and energy? My submissives are often coveted by other Dommes. I have developed a process for all subs to learn. The more a submissive participates in the process, the better trained he will become, and the more likely he will become a desired sub by many Dommes.

I value complete honesty, loyalty, and obedience. I expect a superlative level of service. I will decide when and if you will serve me. Conforming to my schedule is a must, and paying for the sins of past submissives is inevitable.

Blogging is the first requirement for subs. Start now. The first entry being your state of mind when first joining the site. Include any experiences you have had thus far, what your limitations are and your thoughts and feelings about them. It is hard to see your growth as a sub with out this useful tool. At least one entry per month is required. Assignments do not count as this entry.

Assignments come in many forms. They can be catered to the type of sub you naturally are, They show Dommes your willingness to serve. A sub that makes excuses of why he can't do assignments is not a worthy sub. Assignments are designed to take you out of your comfort zone, challenge your endurance, and stretch your limits. They can also teach you the proper way to react to a D/s situation. At least one assignment per month is required for beginners, two assignments for those more advanced.

Proper conduct is expected at all times. Anytime you come in contact with a Female you will treat her with the respect and appreciation she deserves. This counts for all situations, not just D/s ones. This means you will practice it in your vanilla life. Giving up your seat to a Lady on the bus or train or helping a women to her car with her groceries should become second nature to you.

Communication in a Femdom setting is important to keep your mind in a proper state. Whether you communicate with Dommes here or in another setting, it is They that will teach you how to behave.

Whether you have had the feeling for years or now just started, one morning you wake up and find yourself in a Femdom place.


Lady Anastasia