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Quiz created on July 14, 2011 by Lady Anastasia.
Find out how well you know Lady A.
1. What is Lady A's favorite color?
2. What is Lady A's favorite thing to wear to fetish parties?
3. What is Lady A's favorite alcoholic drink?
4. Lady A could drive anything, what would it be?
5. Which instrument does Lady A prefer when punishing her submissives?
6. How long has Lady A been in the lifestyle?
7. What is Lady A's favorite plant?
8. What quality does Lady A value most in a sub?
9. What stage show did Lady A perform for many years?
10. What is Lady A's favorite thing to do during sessions?
yhyperlover wrote at April 6, 2014
0 Votes
omg one wrong
submissivepuppy wrote at December 9, 2012
0 Votes
9 out of 10!!! I'm very happy, I may have gotten lucky on a couple of questions but I am fascinated with Lady Anastasia and am eager to learn everything I can about her.
cd77ne(faith) wrote at October 25, 2012
0 Votes
i only got 4 right. Unhappy But i was close on a few (classic car, thought fushia was a type of red)!
boobookittyfuck wrote at October 18, 2012
0 Votes
i am so stupid Unhappy i got only 8 right
bootpig wrote at July 18, 2011
0 Votes
i should have got 80% as i totally forgot that Lady A was in the Rocky Horror show and i got confused with red which i marked down as fuschia. Very silly of me. Sorry Lady Anastasia Unhappy
dublinmarty wrote at July 18, 2011
0 Votes
Disappointed i only got 9 but at least i learned something new about my Lady
argot wrote at July 15, 2011
0 Votes
All ten correct, but that is to be expected as my Lady's live in.
Last Update on July 15, 2011 by argot
jaytee wrote at July 15, 2011
0 Votes
I missed 6... Unhappy
Miss Wendy wrote at July 14, 2011
0 Votes
8 out of 10 and the 2 I got wrong.....oh well. I guess I know you fairly well!
Miss Wendy